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Valentine's Day, which is sometimes referred to as 'St. Valentine's Day' is commemorated each year on February 14th. It is during this auspicious event where men, women, and children share their affection and love towards their friends and relatives. They mutually exchange Valentine's Day greeting cards and enjoy a romantic meal at a renowned multi-cuisine restaurant. A woman may propose marriage to her life partner whenever Valentine's Day is observed during a leap year.

History of Valentine's Day
The term 'Valentine's Day' got its name from an eminent priest named St. Valentine who hails from Rome. Claudius II Gothicus who was the then Emperor of Rome during two hundred and seventy A.D. declared marriage as illegal. However, St. Valentine was reluctant to accept the Emperor's decision; as a result, he began to organize wedding ceremonies without the consent of the Emperor.

Emperor Claudius II Gothicus who was keeping an eye on the priest was found to be guilty and he was later, sentenced for capital punishment on February 14th. St. Valentine who fell in love with the jailor's daughter during his jail term wrote a letter bearing his signature 'from your Valentine'.

Origin of Valentine' Day
Valentine' Day is an age-old tradition which was followed ever since the reign of the Roman Emperors. During the onset of spring season in the month of February, the Romans used to celebrate a festival, which is known by the name 'Lupercalia'. As a part of the custom, the young boys are required to pick the names of girls in random order. Their partner could be either friend or relatives.

Valentine's Day is an auspicious occasion where people celebrate with plenty of zest and enthusiasm. They even offer delicious Valentine's Day cakes. It is also an ideal opportunity to celebrate for those individuals who wish to escape from their humdrum routine work.

Owing to time constraints, most of the people across the world prefer ordering cakes online. They have plenty of options to choose from an array of Valentine's Day cakes, which comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Some of the common Valentines' Day cakes, which are available via online cake stores, include mango cheesecake, red velvet cake, and chocolate fudge cake.

To add more color to your celebration, an individual may offer personalized gift items such as coffee makers, lampshades along with cushions. Today, there are plenty of reliable online cake stores where you can avail the 24/7 customer services. An individual can even purchase Valentine's Day cakes at nominal rates, which is much lower when compared to traditional cake shops or retail stores.

Those individuals who are planning to organize a party may browse through an online cake store where the concerned internal team would suggest ways to decorate your house with the company's products such as flowers and balloons.

In order to ensure a delightful Valentine's Day celebration with your loved ones, an individual may place their order for Valentine's Day cakes via reliable online cake stores such as

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